We have assembled one of the strongest IT and GSA IT consulting firms in the Maryland, Virginia and DC region. Any client engagement has at least four different Convergence professionals who are responsible for the success of the project. These four core client services professionals work in concert to ensure that client projects progress toward completion in a way that ensures the deadlines are met, that technical and business requirements are matched or exceeded and that at completion, the appropriate knowledge transfer has occurred to allow customers to operate in confidence with their solution realized.

Client Relationship Managers

Client Relationship Managers are our organization's sales team. These individuals are often industry subject matter experts, who seek to partner with their clients to ensure that their organizations benefit from the greatest strategic advantages that technology can provide. Often, sales calls begin with a client struggling with a gap in a process, other times they begin with a trend in an industry prompting a Client Relationship Manager making a call to inquire as to his or her client's position relative to that trend.

Regardless of the source of the call, the Client Relationship Manager is responsible for helping to frame a client's business needs in terms of the technological solutions that exist. In most cases, the Client Relationship Manager suggests a meeting with a technical specialist, engineer or architect to further define the possible solutions. While the process moves forward, the Client Relationship Manager follows closely to ensure that the client is comfortable with each phase of the process, and that the Convergence professionals involved further along in the process are fully informed about the client's particular needs or concerns.

Solution Designers

Convergence Solutions Architects and Developers are required to be cross-trained in multiple technologies, but often specialize with a more narrow selection of vendors to ensure that Convergence has a vendor technology expert on-site. The benefit of having these technology specialists is seen clearly the preliminary design phase of projects, where the Architects for various technologies will "compete" to see which solution set best meets the clients needs. This fulfills Convergence's goal of being "vendor agnostic" which means that we can meet our commitment to providing the best technology to satisfy a client, regardless of which vendor tools are the best fit.

While our solutions experts compete with each other for the good of the client's projects, they also work as colleagues to keep one another informed on new developments and when there are tools or resources that are of potential benefit to all.

Spend time with our Solutions team, and you'll see friendly competitions as they play "preferred technology" amongst themselves, but it is clear that their shared goal is the best possible Convergence solution for each client.

Solution Implementation Professionals

At the heart of the organization are our consulting engineers and developers. These IT professionals are required to be proficient in implementing the solutions produced by our design team, regardless of the chosen technology. As a result, Convergence’s Solution Implementation Professionals are well versed in each of our core business areas, and many hold multiple certifications from our business partners. Their comprehensive knowledge of the technologies also enables them to identify potential issues and opportunities in customer systems. Because of the work Convergence does in highly secured environments, our engineers must also have TS/SCI clearances.

Convergence IT professionals can be on-site for a few days to perform an evaluation of a client's current technical environment, to deploy a custom software solution, or they might be assigned to manage a client's internal IT department after a successful deployment, and are often thought of as part of “the team" by the client's own IT staff.

Much like Client Relationship Managers, our Implementation Professionals develop relationships with clients, and are routinely requested to come back on-site for technical health checks, for upgrades or to train a new member of a client's in-house IT department. Convergence Engineers also manage the Help Desk for customers who take advantage of Continued Support Plans, and can be available 24x7x365, for clients who provide around the clock service to their customers.

Project Managers

If our implantation professionals are the heart of the Convergence team, then our Project Managers are the wrist wearing the watch, and the hand holding the checklist. These professionals are tasked with ensuring that our solutions are delivered on time, on budget, with a high degree of technical competency and professionalism and with minimal impact to the client's ongoing operations.

Project Managers work closely with the implementation staff to ensure that daily, weekly or monthly reports are filed with the client to keep them abreast of the status of their project. Convergence Project Managers are responsible for discussions about change orders, seeing that contracts are modified and that the customer is satisfied with the work and the schedule throughout the engagement.

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