Convergence has performed a number of virtualization and enterprise storage solutions for local, county, college, and university entities. The educational community has seen enrollment increase as budgets are shrinking. To this end, many educational institutions have trusted Convergence to provide solutions to bridge this gap.

For example, virtualization deployments have expanded the number of students who can participate via remote connections. This has enabled enrollment increases to be less stressful to physical infrastructure. Simultaneously, this technology has increased data security, standardized security configuration and simplified system modifications, all of which improve user experiences while reducing overhead costs.

The education IT consulting that Convergence has provided has ranged from single charter primary schools to large nationally accredited universities. While these clients differ in myriad ways, Convergence’s core capabilities of virtualization, network services and enterprise storage are necessary to ensure that any system transformation is successful. Post-deployment, Convergence’s educational clients, regardless of size and scope, operate at maximum efficiency, serving more students with fewer resources.

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