NEWS RELEASE – February 3, 2015

Columbia, MD.; January 28, 2015 — Convergence Technology Consulting announced today that it was named by Citrix® the recipient of the 2014 Public Sector Partner of the Year.  This honor was presented to Convergence at the 2015 Citrix Summit, in Las Vegas, NV.  “We are pleased to recognize Convergence as our 2014 ‘Partner of the Year’ for US Public Sector,” said Tom Simmons, Vice President for Citrix Public Sector. “Convergence continues to demonstrate a deep commitment to delivering Citrix solutions to government customers, and maintains a high level of technical expertise and competency around our solutions, which has made them an integral part of the Citrix team.”    

“Acknowledging our best partners is an important part of how we evaluate our successes.  Throughout 2014, Convergence demonstrated tremendous commitment and dedication to working closely with Citrix for the greater benefit of our mutual federal customers.  We are proud of the tremendous success we have achieved together throughout our 12-year partnership with Convergence and look forward to the opportunity to continue strengthening our relationship in the years to come”, said Fernando Campo, Vice President, Americas for Citrix.   

Convergence Technology Consulting has now gained national recognition as an expert in data security.  From the inception of our engagements to closing documentation, Convergence’s focus never changes from meeting our client’s requirements.  Convergence believes that technological solutions must encompass three components: Simplicity, Security, and self- sustainment.  “As a secured infrastructure and virtualization leader in the federal community, we architect best of breed solutions to solve delivering applications and data securely to multi- dimensional devices and ensuring the protection of a company’s intellectual property.  Citrix is a major partner in our technology offerings”, said Larry Letow, CEO of Convergence.  “We look forward to many more years of partnering”.    

About Convergence Technology Consulting LLC

Convergence Technology Consulting (CTC) is a tactical IT consulting firm that specializes in application delivery, cybersecurity, and application development.  We are headquartered in Columbia, MD with a client base throughout the United States.  Convergence solves their client’s data availability requirements while protecting our client’s Intellectual property and employees PII data.     

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